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Hindukush-Karakuram Autumn Tour

Chitral is also known as Chitrar and Qashqar. Chitral is the heart of Marco Polo land, nestling between the rugged mountains of the Hindukush- Slayers of the Hindus. The region is a hidden Paradise in the Hindukush range, this interesting country of snow-

peaked mountain ranges, ageless glaciers and deep green valleys through which flow the icy cold and crystal clear hill torrents from mountain springs and blue white glaciers has a natural charm and attraction of its own. It is here in Chitral that stands the majestic Terichmir Peak, 5th highest in the world, towering over 25,000 ft. into the sky along with other sister peaks throwing a challenge to the adventure loving men of the world. Chitral like Gilgit is famous as the cradle of Polo, which is its national game. It is here in Chitral that the worlds famous and highest Polo ground stands right on the very summit of the over 12,250 ft Shandur Pass. It varies in elevation from about 1070 m (about 3500 ft) in the extreme south in Arandu to 7,690 m (25,230 ft) at the summit of Terich Mir in the Hindukush.


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June  to September





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Mode of Travel




Day-01 Islamabad/ Rawalpindi (sightseeing)
Day-02 Fly to Chitral visit Chitral valley
Day-3/4 Drive to Birir, Bumburet and Rumbur valleys
Day-05 Drive to Mastuj
Day-06 Drive to Gilgit visit Karga Buddha
Day-07 Drive to Karimabad visit Baltit Fort 
Day-08 Visit Altit Fort and Hopper glacier 
Day-09 Attaabad Lake Gulmit- Borith Lake
Day-10 Drive to Khunjreab Pass 4733m
Day-11 Gulmit- Attaabad Lake- Karimabad
Day-12 Drive to Chilas
Day-13 Drive to Islamabad via Babusar Pass 4173m



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